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Whether you have locked yourself out of a safe or vault, or you have inherited a safe and are curious about the contents hidden inside, you need an effective way to get into it. As your local safe unlocking service in Phoenix, AZ, Safe Locksmith AZ is your source for high-quality, effective services designed to offer you peace of mind for safes and ATMs of any size and style. With services provided around the clock for your convenience, we help you get into even the most challenging safes so that you can access your valuables again.

Where Can I Find a Locksmith Near Me to Open a Safe?

With extensive experience as a safe and vault locksmith in Phoenix, AZ, the team at Safe Locksmith AZ provides services to commercial and residential clients throughout the area. Our technicians are highly trained to help you enter your safe again safely and with ease. As safecracker locksmiths, we use our professional techniques such as drilling, manipulation, or using a device to open your safe quickly while reducing damage. We can also help you with the repair and replacement of faulty parts.

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Are you looking for a safe and vault locksmith in Phoenix, AZ? You can count on the team at Safe Locksmith AZ. We offer 24-hour emergency service. To find out more, call our helpful team today at (623) 282-1352.

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Safe Locksmith AZ is Arizona's Leading safecracker.  We unlock safes, vaults and ATM's.  Since we are mobile, you'll get excellent safe locksmith services anywhere in the state of Arizona 24/7.  

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Searching for a Professional Safecracker in Arizona?

Our Arizona safe locksmith / safecracker is highly skilled at opening safes, vaults and ATM's using the least invasive methods possible.

The term Safecracker technically refers to someone who

"breaks into safes" for nefarious reasons.

However, In the security world they are among the best safe locksmiths in the industry who "legally" and skillfully unlock them for their residential and commercial clients.

ATM's, safes & vaults are built to keep unauthorized individuals out. Made with heavy steel and high-tech locks, they are nearly impossible to open without the proper tools and training. We have the tools, training and skills to help you on site at your home or business.

We offer our services to both residential and commercial clients in the Metro Phoenix area as well as throughout the state of Arizona.

Safe and Vault Safe & Vault Locksmith

Safe Locksmith AZ

Safe Locksmith

A safe locksmith, sometimes referred to as a Safe Technician, is one who is trained to unlock and service the locking mechanisms in ATM's, safes and vaults.

A true professional can open a locked combination safe lock by means of electronic device, drilling, or manipulation. They also service them by replacing or repairing malfunctioning parts, usually during annual routine maintenance.

Most locksmiths are not trained to work on safes so finding a professional safe technician is key.

We specialize in safes so you know you can count on us to do it right.

Electronic Keypad vs. Mechanical Dial Lock Pros and Cons

Since the year 2000 (approximately) about half of the market switched to electronic keypad locks. Technology and convenience are the main reason. However, this came with a price.

What's the trade-off you ask? Reliability! Electronic keypad locks work well enough that we recommend some of them. Don't get us wrong, they are reliable. Just not as reliable as the mechanical combination dial locks.

So what are the pros and cons of dial locks? For one, to some they require a complicated sequence to dial the combination and to others, the time and focus they require to unlock are inconvenient. That being said, they are far more reliable.

How To Change the Combination on a Safe

If you have an electronic keypad lock on your safe, there are thousands of models and each model requires a different method to change its combination. Check your manufacturer's website for combination change instructions on your model.

If you have a mechanical dial, some change the combination using a special key.  Others either are not able to be changed or must be completely disassembled to be changed.  In either case (key change or hand change) we can help.

If you'd like us to come out and do it for you, we are a mobile safe locksmith and would be glad to help change the combination on your safe, vault or ATM.

ATMs Safe Locksmith/Safecracker

Safe Locksmith AZ

ATM Locksmith

An ATM locksmith sometimes referred to as an ATM Technician, is one who is trained to open ATM's. A true professional can unlock an ATM by means of electronic device, drilling, or manipulation. They can also service ATM locking mechanisms by replacing or repairing malfunctioning parts, usually during annual routine maintenance.

Most locksmiths are not trained to work on ATM's so finding a professional ATM technician is key. We're #1 in Arizona. We specialize in ATM's so you know you can count on us to do it right.

The Difference Between
Safes, Vaults, and ATM's

The difference between safes, vaults, and ATM's is not much. They all offer the same levels of security. More or less, they are all security boxes built to protect valuables. Here's how they differ. Think of them all as safes first. The ATM or automated teller machine is a safe combined with a cash dispenser. A vault is safe that you can walk into, a secure room if you will.

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